Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes, provides 30 days free trial. All you need to do is contact administrator for the module you would like to access and get 30 days free trial with all the features. provide features such as:
  • Search doctor, hospital and lab
  • Search and book online appointments
  • View & download shared reports & prescriptions
Primary requirements of is:
  • Good , upgraded browser such as chrome , safari
  • Good and Stable net connection has integrated chat mechanism. Using chat you can directly reach us for support. Chat will open between 9:00AM IST to 5:00PM IST. Emergency issues beyond that will be dealt with expedite support if you have subscribed to one. currently does not support:
  • Online payments by patients to labs/doctors
  • Inventory management
  • Interfaces to hardware devices used in diagnostics web app support chrome, safari, firefox and internet explorer where chrome and safari is best for this web application.
Yes , you can use web app easily on laptops, computer, ipad and tablet. provide mobile app so that some actions can be performed using mobile app.
Labs that don't perform pathology, microbiology tests can still use to share reports electronically.Upload & Share module allows all labs to upload and share reports electronically.
Yes , you can customize report / prescription print through clinic and labs print settings option.
Yes, you can share lab reports with referred doctors and patients, and prescription only with patient.
Check whether your browser zoom setting is set to default by clicking Ctlr+c , and set as zoom default (100%).
Yes, you can give only print permission to your staff through staff and permission present in dashboard.
Refresh page, if that does'nt work see whether your net is working.
Yes, you can enter and save barcode in barcode field under report details section.
Yes, you can include digital signature in microbiology and pathology reports through mobile app.


Yes, you can send appointment reminders through sms service provided by
Yes, you can easily create prescription for walk in patients through write prescription.
Yes, you can easily book online appointments through Search and Book, and cancel appointments through my appointments from dashboard.
Yes, prescription created by the doctor can be viewed through prescription history.
You can easily create, clone, print and share prescription using OPD module.
You can include patients health parameter, family history, past illness, complaint, diagnosis and many more.
Yes, staff can take online appointment through new appointment / appointment queue.
Yes, you can prescribe lab test through doctor checkup.
All you need to do is press plus sign to the right hand side of the search medicine and add that medicine temporarly to your database.After medicine verification by you will be able to search that medicine through search medicine.


Yes , you can include multiple test in single report.
Yes, you can create template / package / bundle through add template section present in pathology.
Yes, you can customize test range. Changes you make to the test ranges are accessible only to your lab.
Yes, you can access from any machine on internet and access your lab and reports and work on them from any location.
Yes, you can generate reports for multiple patients through multiple patient reports section present in pathology module.
Yes, you can create descriptive test through descriptive test section.


Yes , you can easily edit drug name, code through culture and sensitivity drug code present in microbiology module.
Yes, you can change drug batch through zone diameter settings.
Yes , you can edit swab sample information until the report is completed, whereas sample information of other test cannot be edited once added in a report.
Yes , you can add new drug through culture and sensitivity drug code present in microbiology module.